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Are we all capable of losing weight? Yes. Of eating clean? Yes! Of working out on the daily? Of course we are! So why is it so hard to reach that Victoria's Secret body? Because every one of us comes to a certain point where they can't overcome lack of motivation. If you want a healthy, sexy body you have to want it every moment of every day. It's suppost to be a goal. And that goal demands a new mentality, a new lifestyle. To keep up with this new lifestyle you will need CONSISTENCY. As a matter of fact, consistency is key to every succes story. I am personally a big fan of myfitnesspal - a free app for Android and iPhone that helps me to become and stay fit.

What it does:

- You can open a free profile, set your goal weight (it will tell you how much calories you will have to eat per day, but it's adjustable) and add friends to support you.

- You can track every meal you have. You can add food simply by the bar code, by searching in their database (they nearly have everything) or add a food youself. It's even possible to add a recipe.

- You can record your weight, your hips size, waist size,.... and see the progress in a clear schedule. You can also see how much carbohydrates, protein and fats you have eaten.

- You can link this app to most work-out apps like RunKeeper to record your work-outs. You can also manually add your work-outs and see how many calories you've burnt.

The pictures down here are from my account so it's in Dutch and I don't have any friends because for me it's more of a personal thing. But feel free to add me as friend, I'll motivate you! You can simply find it in the app store.

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  1. There are many workout app that are very useful for those that are not so fit.


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