Easy home teeth whitening


As a passionate red wine drinker, coffee addict and diet coke junky I came to a certain point where I had to consider teeth whitening. I am not so keen on the idea of doing something to my body that might harm it, so I bought a Peroxide-free professional whitening kit online (get it here). Peroxide is used in blonde hair coloring, for example. It is the most known and effective bleacher but also a quite dangerous one. My - much safer - kit came with a pretreatment liquid, non Peroxide gel, two trays and a blue swab. Here's the procedure:

Place one tray in hot, just boiled water for 3-4 seconds (not longer, it will schrink!) holding the tab. Quickly put the tray around your upper teeth and suck the air from the tray to contour it to the inside surface of your teeth. Do the same with the other tray for your lower teeth. You can trim your trays with small scissors on the line between your teeth and gum (this is to avoid gel contact with the soft tissue of the gums, I didn't do this and it worked just fine, no weird reactions).

Once you have two customized trays you take the blue swab and insert it into the pre-tratment bottle to saturate the swab with the liquid. Do this carefully to avoid spilling. This liquid will reduce teeth sensitivy, remove stains and fasten the procedure. Scrub your upper and lower teeth with the swab.

Now this is where the magic happens! Place 1/2 cc of the gel from the syringe into your upper mouth tray. Place the gel on the inside front of the tray so the gel covers the front of your teeth durting the treatment. Do the same with your lower mouth tray.

Leave both trays in for 15-20 minutes (I did 20). You can do your upper teeth first and your lower teeth later or do them at the same time. The first time I did this procedure I didn't cut of the tabs but it made me drool really bad so I cut them off (so I was able to close my mouth). Then your take them out, expectorate completely and don't eat or drink for the following 15 minutes.

When you take them out your teeth feel a little bit weird when you place them together. They're also a little bit of unnatural white. But all this eventually fades away and you have natural whiter teeth. If you want celebrity white teeth this is not the product for you. There's enough gel in the syringe to whiten your upper and lower teeth about 3 times, but if you use another set the result won't change anymore (I tried). It's like you've reached the maximum effect after one syringe. I've spread three sessions over 2 weeks. I did use one more syringe but I didn't see any spectacular change. I guess that's because of the fact that there's no peroxide involved - the gel makes your teeth as white as they are capable to be in a natural way (my theory). For me, this was definitely white enough as I don't want my teeth to glow in the dark when I go out. I didn't notice any sensitivity or irritation.

It's been almost two months since this procedure and my teeth are still white! They promise a result that will last up to 2 years but as I am still a red wine, coffee and diet coke drinker I take extra care by brushing my teeth with Signal White Now Triple Power toothpaste and using natural white mouth water (Kruidvat) two times a day. I think that everyone using whitening tooth paste should know that this kind of tooth paste makes tiny tiny tiny holes in your teeth to put light-reflecting crystals in there (this is a REALLY simplified clearing!). This isn't bad but you HAVE to keep using whitening tooth paste! If you don't use it on a regular basis, tiny colored pieces of coffee, coke,... will fill in these holes and your teeth will look yellowish. So just brush your teeth twice a day. When I know I haven't been eating or drinking a lot of dark staining food I brush my teeth with Sensodyne Total Care because of the benefiting effects for my teeth health.
Order your kit online. (You can't get this in the stores)


  1. Bestaat er geen goedkopere versie?

    1. Helaas zijn tandbleekgels meestal vrij kostelijk (het is dan ook een "investering" op lang termijn), maar je zult ongetwijfeld veel bleekmakende tandpasta's vinden (zoals de white now) voor een paar euro's meer die ook een behoorlijk effect hebben (mits je ze regelmatig gebruikt natuurlijk). Als ik iets tegenkom op de markt, laat ik het zeker weten! :)


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