5 x sexy abs at home


 You don't need to go to the gym or buy a workout tape to sculpt beautiful abs. You can be just as dedicated and see just as much result at home. Here are 5 of the best workout videos for beautiful abs online. There are short ones, easy ones, specific ones and some that make your abs burn. Make time in your schedule to do these on the daily and watch your body transform. Trust me: seeing result is extremely addictive!

1). Victoria's Secret model ab workout: As the VS Fashion Show tape was launched just couple of weeks ago I thought this is a very nice, motivational video to start with. Cassey is such a motivating person, she just keeps on pep-talking and sharing super easy healthy recipes that come just in hand. The entire Blogilates channel is very useful for everybody trying to get fit!

2) 10 Min Abs Workout: This short but effecient workout by FitnessBlender comes straight to the point and shows you the excercises in a very neutral way without any chitchat or distraction. It's better for those of you who just like to see the excercises. It's perfect as a morning/evening routine!

3) 9 Moves to a Flatter Stomach: This video by XHIT Daily teach you simple moves that get you a flatter stomach. Quick and simple! They also have great excercises for burning calories and losing belly fat.

4) 4 Min Abs Workout for Women: For heavier people or just starters it can be very hard to start working out. Difficult and devestating workouts have have the opposite effect and make you want to give up. This is a super short and easy starter: after you are able to do  this effortlessly, you can go to the next level and try a longer and more intense workout video.

5) Abs On Fire: POP Pilates: This one is not for beginners! Once you feel like you can use a challenge you should definitely try the Abs On Fire workout by Blogilates. This will make your abs burn! (Real good!)

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