Natural flat tummy pills

We're not even close to bikini season, but let's admit: that New Year's Eve dress looks way better without our stomach sticking out. Even skinny girls often have their stomach sticking out, without being fat at all. The last two weeks I've been testing the the Tight Stomach pills by Eger for about €5. These are completely natural pills that promote digestion. Eger is a vegetarian brand of the supermarket chain Colruyt and the tight stomach pills contain nothing but natural ingredients such as dandelion extract, fennel powder, artichoke extract, blessed milk thistle extract, starch, stabilisator and brightner.


I have been using the Eger pills 2 x/ day: one right before breakfast and one right before lunch. The pack contains 60 pills (so you use about one pack per month). They're easy to swallow as they smell/taste like herbs (which they actually are). No negative side effects such as diarrhea or nausea occured. I do notice that I have a flatter stomach as the digestion is probably more regular. It's hard to describe the feeling but you also feel more "empty", in a good, healthy way (not hungry kind of way). By "flatter" I mean in "depth", not in "width". I don't feel like I have a slimmer or thinner waist due the use of the pills, yet I have the feeling that my stomach doesn't press up my jeans/ jeans button that much when I eat a lot. Will this product make you lose weight? Most probable not. Healthy, durable weight loss should always be achieved by eating clean and working out regularly. These pills will help you to achieve your result, or help you to "tuck the tummy in" by promoting your digestion system. They won't do anything special or magical, see it as vitamine C pills that contribute to a better immune system. But they won't make you skinny/do all the work while you stuff yourself with calories. Will I continue using them? As they consist of natural ingredients, promote a natural, healthy digestion and are safe for daily use and will have a durable, sustainable effect - yes. For more questions you can contact me personally!

Watch out for other digestion pills! Not all of them are benefiting your health. If you see "senna" or "senna leaf" in any diet product, from pill to tea, watch out for its laxative properties. It's very strong and is habit forming, so it's very dangerous to use it daily. Especially when you are young/pregnant/ill/....

Other Eger products
may help you to eat clean!
You can find sugarfree chocolate, cookies, vegetarian burgers and many more.

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