Plans & resolutions - 2014

Hi guys, I know a lot of you will be like "here comes the New Year new me kind of bullshit again", but I think a new year really is another shot. For the past four years I made resolutions and so far I succeeded in making them all come true. I hope everyone who sets their mind on achieving something this year will not let naysayers get in the way of getting what they truelly want. Anyways, some of you were curious and it might be inspiring, so here are my plans & resolutions for the coming year. I always type them out in Word and add pictures and stuff to print it and put it in between my agenda. Just to remind me. 

My resolutions:
Daily fitness & eating clean: if there's one thing that I am sure about, it's that when you eat clean and work-out you feel so much better, and you manage to get so much more done. It's kind of the key to productivity, you just got to get your ass of that seat and remember that noone has ever regretted a good work-out, a one hour work-out is just 1/24 of your day! Help, info, recipes,... will be a big part of ON HEELS 24/7 for the coming months!

Get that driver's license already! I know, I know, I should've gotten this baby a long time ago, it's just that I always postpone it and just can't see myself cruising as the new Vin Diesel as I already find it hard to stay balanced on a bike...which I only learned to ride one year ago... and don't ride it...ever.

Realize my entrepreneurship dream and.... make a lot of girls VERY happy. I am actually currently working on this and writing a business plan. AKHZKRH so exciting!!

Speak perfect French. Don't get me wrong I can order a meal and explain the direction to someone but I always wanted to speak French SUPER fluent as I think it's a wonderful language. Next year: German. I think German is so easy to write and understand but the pronounciation.... I always feel like a dork speaking it.

Go on an exotic holiday with the hub: We're the kind of couple to drive around in the weekend and do trips and all that but I think this summer we should give ourself a break and go for a week or so of sun, beach and cocktails.

Do an extra study marketing: I've studied human sciences and don't get me wrong, I loved the human-minded, psychological aspects but I am dying to know more about marketing and PR.

Reply to all messages and text right away.... I know right. Everyone hates this kind of people but I sadly happen to be one of them: I read a text, I plan on answering it after I finish what I'm doing - and I completely forget about it. Same goes for facebook messages which I honestly barely read as most of them are spam, people begging me to promo their page and horny arabs. When I actually check them I find out that there are so many girls and readers messaging me as well! So from this year on: I'll read everything very thoroughly.

Oh yeah, and don't forget that the new year already starts the day after tomorrow! Which means that all the rules you made for yourself apply from this day on. Don't pospone! You will regret it if you make excuses. And enjoy the last days of 2013 :) xoxo

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