defining/filling in eyebrows

 A lot of you have been asking about my eyebrows. Now the first thing you should know is that it's really hard to explain someone how to shape eyebrows. We all have different eyebrows to begin with, we all have different hair color, and we all have a different face shape. So the first advice I will give is:  find someone you know with really nice eyebrows and let them do yours! Second, if you have a slimmer, longer face you will probably look better with more round eyebrows, if your face is more round you can go for more arched ones. The last important thing is: when you pluck them, stay as close as possible to their real shape! Don't mess with the length, the spot where it's arched and definitely not with the upper (forehead) side! I'm going to show you how I fill in mine as I barely have eyebrows (or any form of body hair).

You will need:

- brow kit 001 by Gosh (+- 10€)
- eyebrow pencil 04 blonde by Essence (+-2€)
- eyeshadow brush pro 11 by Kruidvat (+- 4€)
- eyeliner brush by Kruidvat (+- 4€)

(You can use different brands, the brow kit has a brush of its own but I think it's too small and horrible. You could also leave the pencil behind and just use the brow kit as it has gel to fix the shadow but I prefer the pencil as I have to "draw" on more than I have.)

In the pictures down here we go from left to right. We start off with the eyebrow pencil: I start filling them in half way and don't touch the "inner part".  I also make them a little bit higher. I define the arched part which is to be found about at the end of my eye (not the middle) and make the "tail", the end a defined straight line.

Now I take the brow kit and the eyeliner brush and start filling the "beginning" in with the lightest color. It shouldn't be too dark and the edges shouldn't be too defined. Then I take the darkest color to go over the pencil which is kind of  "sticky" so the shadow really sticks well and can't be wiped off.

Then I take the eyeshadow brush and the lightest color from the kit and I slightly "connect" the eyebrow with my nose. There are very little who do this but this is essential to making your drawn on eyebrows look natural!

And this is the end result! Hope you manage to succeed! I thought about making a video first but I think in this way you can see the steps way better.

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