Stylish couple inspo


We all know that noone can beat Jay-Z and Beyoncé when it comes to being a badass power couple. But I found this couple on instagram that really knows how to live good and dress well. It's a pleasure to see their outfits popping up on my dash every now and then. I'm talking about Xammasi and Jwshua. It took me some research to find out who they are and where they come from but to be frank - I still know very little. All we know is that their real names are Anna Maria Masi and Joshua Weekes, and that Joshua works as engineer and she probably works for the same company in administration. We also know that she's Sicilian and they're most probable from the UK. But I don't think we should know more to enjoy their exotic holidays, refined car taste and killing sense of style. Follow Anna Maria here and Joshua here.


  1. He also deals drugs, hence the ability to afford the lavish lifestyle. Furthermore he is currently studying towards an Engineering degree at London South Bank University and she works for Elemis as a Beauty Consultant.

    1. you sound so hurt.

      it's cute.

  2. she works in a beauty salon

  3. He spent the money that the girls spent on ALMAU, he's the owner :)


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