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I know going blonde for dark haired girls is always a MAJOR issue - green hair, orange hair, yellow hair,... we've all seen this happen. From my experience hair dressers don't always do their job, or at least not how you expect it. In my case this is because of the fact that I live in a very small town and the better hair dressers are located MILES away. Anyways, the last months I wanted to be dark ash blonde, my natural hair color is dark/middle brown. I have light lashes and brows and I felt like this color would suit me better. I managed to get my hair like in the picture above with following products:

L'Oréal super blonde decoloring cream (which looks like this)
L'Oréal récital Préférence 8.1 Copenhague (which looks like this)
Garnier Ultra Doux nourishing hair mask with papaya & vanille (which looks like this)
Any silver shampoo you find in your drugstore (the more purple, the better! I use Kruidvat as Garnier has a very strong smell)
All these products together are under 30€

First of all you have to decolor your hair. This is not the healthiest treatment! You can only decolor your hair once in six months as this could be very destroying. You just follow the instructions, it's pretty easy. After applying this  onto my hair I waited for 25 minutes before washing it off. It was much lighter and - as expected - a little bit yellowish/orangish as my brown hair had a lot of red pigment. Anyways, be prepared for this and don't panic, we're going to get rid of this color! You will see that your hair is immediatly a lot of dryer than usual - after washing it off and using the hair conditioner from the same box I but in the nourising hair mask with papaya & vanille in my wet hair for about 10 minutes. This will restore most damage.

Now it's time for the ash blonde color. (Every hair varnish with .1 on the end is an ash tone) . I waited two days before coloring it as I wanted to give my hair the time to "calm". I hear a lot that you shouldn't color your hair when it's freshly washed but that doesn't really matter, it all has to do with the fact that back in the days hair varnish used to be a lot more agressive and having "greasy hair" was some sort of protection for your head skin. This is also very simple:  you just follow the instructions. I did leave it in for longer than the recommended half hour, I left it in for about 45 minutes. After washing it off I used the high-shine conditioner from the box (which you will have to use weekly for the next few weeks) and again the nourishing hair mask with papaya and vanille.

After treatment: I use the Garnier nourishing mask almost every time I shower as it leaves my hair incredibly soft. It also feels very strong and detangled: after blow drying I barely have to comb it. Silver shampoo removes the yellow glow from your hair so I use it about twice a week to keep the nice ash shade. This will not help if your hair id redish/orange as the purple only helps to remove yellow. For redish/orange tones you will have to use a blue product. I also leave the shampoo in for about 20 minutes, if you wash if off right away it won't help!:)  After this entire procedure my hair is still VERY healthy and not damaged at all!

I am not a hair dresser or beautician and I never studied anything like that, I just share my personal beauty and hair experiences as I color and cut my hair myself and what works for me might also work for other girls!

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