black lashes/eyebrows @ home

 With no make-up the day AFTER the treatment (only wearing moisturizing vitamin E cream by The Body Shop)

Most of you already know that I fill in my eyebrows DAILY as I have very light eyebrows/lashes, plus they're far from thick. I can't help you with thicker or longer lashes/brows but I can give you a tip on how to make them darker and more defined without make-up. Great for summer (there is no such thing as "preparing too early for summer")! All you need is the drugstore eyelash & eyebrow colour kit by Kruidvat (5€) which has a colour liquid & gel, brush, 2 q-tips and pads. It says it's good for 10 treatments and every treatment lasts quite long so I already hear a lot of people thinking "wow, I'll be using this a whole year" - but please mind that after opening it's only good for 6 more months (Guilty! I'm an expiration date freak).

So you start off with make-up free eyes & brows, which also means they're dry and oil-free. I also didn't pluck my eyebrows so I could define them better after the treatment. You place the pad under your eye with some facial cream (any cream you have at home). After applying everything onto my lashes I removed them as they bugged me and I didn't spill.

The instructions aren't super clear. We don't know for how long we have to keep this on, it doesn't even say we have to wash it off. The way of applying is also a bit weird. Anyways, you start with the liquid and no longer than a minute later you apply the gel. You have to do this immediatly to both brows/lashes as you want them to be the same colour. I just brushed it onto my brows and applied it to my lashes as mascara (in the instructions you have to close your eye and apply it on the upper part of your upper lashes). If it gets into your eye you have to rince it immediatly but it didn't happen to me. If it gets on your skin you have to wash it off as soon as possible as the stains will stay here for about three more days. You can see it in the left corner of my eyelid, there's some colouring on the skin but I thought it still looked natural, like a smudgy Carine Roitfeld morning look. It just looks darker and pretty natural, actually.

I left it on for about 10 minutes and this is the result. I think it's great. I also think you shouldn't be afraid to get the black one (they also have brown coloring) as it will never be intirely black. I'm glad I found this as it means I can go outside the door in the morning with just day cream and I don't need to draw on eyebrows first (I'm pretty autistic when it comes to eyebrows....don't judge me).

Here's another before/after shot where you can see the difference clearly!

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