Detox smoothie

Hi guys, we're already day 5 of our detox week. I've received a lot of questions if the mentioned fruits & vegetables are the only ones we're allowed to eat. The answer, of couse, is no. These are just a few very effective ones! Just make sure you drink plenty of water, have portions of both fruit and veggies and mix a lot of smoothies!

Personally I am very fond of the green smoothie. This is a great way to start your day healthy, and do your "daily part of detox" - wether you are on a detox diet or not. Green smoothies look gross to a lot of people, but there is absolutely no reason as they taste delicious, and there is no way you'd manage to have all these vitamins, minerals and fibers inside you in such sort time and pleasant way. Green smoothies contain at least one green veggie, and lots of fruit and water. This recipe down here is a very good starter!  But please don't feel like you have to stick to the recipe, feel free to change or add other fruit.

You will need:
- three celery ribs
(good for digestion, lowers bood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol)
- some spinarch
(aids in digestion, prevents constipation, maintains low blood sugar, curbs overeating)
- half a mango
(helps digestions, maintains healthy teeth & gums, immune booster)
- a small RIPE banana
(regulates heart rhythm, vitamin compounds for eye health)
- an apple
(controls weight, detoxifies liver, boosts immune system)
- a kiwi 
(bursts with antioxidants, will make sure that the body doesn't take up carbs rapidly)
- freshly squeezed orange juice
(protects skin, alkalizes the body, provides smart carbs)

Start off by mixing the spinarch with a bit juice first, as the pile of spinarch looks huge but once it's mixed it turns into a very small amount of juice. Then add the other fruits & veggies. I mentioned "RIPE" banana as it's important to eat ripe ones, when they're not ripe enough they contain more carbs. By the way, all the mentioned benefits of the fruits & veggies are only the most common ones, there are plenty more!

I had two cups of the green smoothie with my first meal: a portion of brown rice, nuts and cherry tomatoes.

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