Clear skin Moringa-Peptide mask


From what you send me I can tell there are still a lot of girls coping with skin issues. Latelty I've been using this Anti-agressions Flash mask by Yves Rocher and for me, it works just fine.

How it works:
Our environment is bursting with pollution that makes our skin and pores clog, sufficate and suffer. This mask contains Moringa seeds that are peptide-rich. Peptides have a clearing effect as they remove bad elements and imperfections. It lets your skin breathe again (and what else do we need after a whole day of caked on make-up and trafic gasses?)  it refines your skin structure, it provides oxigen to the cells with saro-oil and it calms and tightens the face with aloĆ« vera-extract. 

How to use it:Use it 1/2 times per week before going to bed. Apply it onto your skin, let it on for five minutes and then wash it off.


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