For better, prettier hair...

Don't we all want shiny, waving locks with the right amount of volume? Unfortunately it takes more than a good conditioner or a salon visit to see results. Let's sum up every way to prettify your coupé - from simple ways to hardcore routines.

What do eat:
We want to go for protein-rich food as hair is 97% protein!

- Salmon: it's rich in protein and vitamin D which makes your hair very strong. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which your body doesn't make but they are essential to grow hair!

-Walnuts: rich in biotin and vitamin E. Prevents hair loss and the copper mineral keeps your hair color vivid and healthy. 

- Oysters: rich in zinc - it prevents both hair loss and a dry flaky scalp. Super rich in protein!

- Sweet potaties: source of beta carotene (your body turns it into vitamin A which is essential for a healthy scalp with a good oil-balance).

- Eggs: protein (!), but also key minerals as selenium, zinc, sulfur and iron. These bring oxygen to the hair follicles and boost your hair strength. 

- Spinarch: keeps your scalp oils circulating due the iron, beta carotene, folate and vitamin C.

 - Lentils: bursting with protein, zinc, iron, biotin.

- Greek yoghurt: low-fat and protein-rich! Also contains bitamin B-5 (an ingrediënt often seen on hair care products) and vitamin D.

- Blueberries: the best vitamin C source, essential for scalp circulation, too little vitamin C leats to hair breakage. 

- Poultry: protein, zinc, iron, vitamin B - for strong and plentiful hair!

What products: 
If you want to see serious enchancement when it comes to your hair go get any Keratase product that suits your hair type best! It works magic, promise.
Also use a conditioner, if it makes your hair too greasy you can just apply it to the ends of your hair (not your scalp).  
I personally always use the Gliss Kur total repair wonder serum-spray with liquid keratin. (a white bottle, I spray it on the ends of my hair when it's towel dry)

If you use anything with heat (straightner, curl tong, blow dryer,...) use a HEAT PROTECTOR! (The Andrélon/Keratase ones are very good, it's not so important which one you pick as long as you use a heat protector). 

If your hair is broken, damaged or has split ends cut it and use a hair mask. I wrap moist hair in a plastic bag with a hair mask/conditioner and walk around with it for about a half hour before shower. Then I was it off and use shampoo. You won't believe the softness....
You could aso do the same with pure coconut oil! Incredible results, but make sure you wash it off well. You can find it at most bio shops. 
Don't wash your hair every day! I wash mine every two days. You can perfectly shower without making your hair wet. 

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