Simple fit everyday breakfast


Every morning I start my day with Greek yoghurt (about 120 kcal/100gr and rich in protein, better than low-fat yoghurt), oats, flakes or other full grain products and frozen fruit. It takes me about 3 minutes and the combination possibilities are endless! You just put a bowl of frozen fruit in the microwave, let it defrost, add 2 tablespoons of yoghurt and add oats. Sometimes I sprinkle some sunflower seeds/nuts/sesame seeds for a real nutrition bomb. This and coffee, all I need in the morning. Down here you see some of the combinations I frequently make.

Frozen mango bits, full grain cornflakes (Kellog's) and greek yoghurt.  

Just heated frozen berries with Greek yoghurt straight out the fridge. Put this in the freezer for 20 minutes and you have icecream! (Make sure the fruits aren't hot and put foil around it so it doesn't absorb the fridge smell)

Greek yoghurt, strawberries and oats (Quaker). Quaker oats are also great with hot soy milk (best filling porridge ever).

Strawberries, greek yoghurt and muesli and dry fruits (If you wake up feeling fancy).

These Weetabix grain bars are incredible, I just can't get enough of the texture and stuff, so crusty and light and it's great for your health. With cherries, greek yoghurt and sesame seeds.

I promise you will start your day full of energy!


  1. Die volkorentarwe blokjes waar koop je die en mag je ook een beetje gezoete yoghurt toevoegen ?

    1. Blokjes bij Albert Heijn (bij ontbijtgranen), ja, why not! Een beetje light yoghurt met fruit (in AH vind je btw ook veel light yoghurts met smaken) kan niet zoveel kwaad, of een beetje light yoghurt met zoetstof :) :) Succes!


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