Valentine's Day gifts for Him

The very best small Valentine's Day present for your sweetheat. Because heartshaped pillows, teddybears and semi-sexual stuff from the gadget shop is way too corny. All gifts can be found on www.fancy.com, you can get the app for free in the App Store!

Biggie Giclée Art print
Buy here ($39)
Individually numbered, stamped and signed poster from Curioos. Great for the hip-hop minded boyfriend! Mind that the delivery takes 1-2 weeks so order ASAP!

The Wolf of Wall Street book 
Buy here ($13)
Just a fucking great book about a fucking great movie, for boyfriends who can't get enough of the motion picture, for fuck's sake.

Forgetful Gentleman Notebook
Buy here ($16)
He probably already knows you are one classy woman, and this may be one classy way to make sure another anniversary won't be forgetten.

Refilable gold bullet lighter
Buy here
If he loves Bad Boys, Scarface or other movies of this kind, ánd happens to be a smoker, there's a big chance he'll find this really cool.

World map by Knock
Buy here ($14)
For the traveller type. Looks extremely classy and minimal in a white office, you probably won't mind having this in your house either.

Nostalgia Electrics Pop-up Hotdog toaster
Buy here
Don't ask. You know all these girly gadgets and things like lash curlers and funky nail blow-dry gadgets we buy? This is kind of the same for men - something they don't need (and something WE know they don't need) but that they will find extremely cool.

Stuff Every Man Should Know book
Buy here
How to make a Martini and how to bet on horses. All that knowledge in pocket-size. Don't you already love Brett Cohen, ladies?

Brainfreeze Glass Skull Ice Bucket
Buy here
If he is A) the pool boy, B) the party thrower or C) fond of Alexander McQueen he should be euphoric about stacking the ice in this baby.

Das Kapital Coin Bank
Buy here ($15)
Karl Marx will safely guard your baby's money. Personally I think it's genious!

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