Valentine's gift for her (or yourself, really)

Flowers and heart-shaped chocolate boxes will never go out of style, but if you can't think of anything else than perfume and champagne to give your girl, you probably want to pay attention now, fellas. These are a couple of very sassy original gifts for girls. P.S.: Always remember, it's pretty much an obligation to get her a wonderful bouquet of flowers. Red roses on Valentine's day (any day, actually) are the only thing that never get boring.

Soft pink Pop PhoneBuy here ($20)
If she works at the office or just happens to be a retro diva this phone would be just DARLING.

Mean Girls Pencils
Buy here ($10)
You are probably not aware of this but Mean Girls is the ultimate chick movie of the past decennia. (Read: Lindsay Lohan before the "I just did coke only about 7 times") It's unmissable at any sassy girl desk and is bitchy in a cute and ironic way.

Black Lucite Studded clutchBuy here ($35)
If she's a fashionista she'll love this. Even if you couldn't care less for fashion you will definitely make a statement and surprise her with this musthave clutch.

Bad Ass Bitch Candle
Buy here
Any scent she f'n wants! Ms. Betty's soy candle is a very bad ass present.

Classy Tray by Blue & Cream
Buy here
If she loves Chanel, she'll love this. A bended tray for all her rings, jewellery and bobby pins on the bedside table.

The Little Dictionary of Fashion
Buy here ($15)
Christian Dior's Little Dictionary Of Fashion should be on every girl's salon table. 'Nuff said!

French toast StamperBuy here ($15)
Very cute and french! The condition of giving her this is that YOU make her the toast (every morning!)

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